High Logo Headband (Red)


It happens all the time. You’re in the finals of your family’s club’s father/son doubles squash tournament. Your dad and his arch rival ‘Brad’ are playing in front of their boss Mr. Cherdley to see who gets the big promotion at their firm. It’s match point, your dad is one point away from a corner office and he’ll get you that Trans Am you’ve always wanted. At this moment, the sweat accumulated in your man-bun begins streaming down your scalp, a torrent of sweat and artisanal beeswax hair product. Luckily, you’ve got your American High headband on. You notice Brad foot-fault. He denies it, but even Old Man Cherdley saw it. Your dad gets the promotion. Brad and his son Chad go home. The next day the cops find the bodies. Brad really wanted that promotion and snapped under the pressure. The paper says it’s murder suicide, but we know the truth, it’s the American High headband that SLAYED!

  • Ultra Comfy and Durable!

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