AH Eagles Football T-Shirt (Red)


Our American High Flaming Eagles tee is the perfect choice for anyone looking to just straight up own a room. Headed to a party where you might see your ex? Wait till he or she sees the Flaming Eagle tee!

Doug’s gonna be having some serious second thoughts about breaking up over your ‘co-dependency’ and ‘anger issues.’ When the American High Flaming Eagle pulls Doug in like a tractor beam and he’s all ‘I miss you’ be ready with a witty rejoinder like ‘FUCK YOU, DOUG!!! You were my world, you piece of SHIT!’ Then grab him by the collar and lick his face because when you’re in an American High Flaming Eagle tee, it’s your world. It’s also cool to wear around the house and in non-dysfunctional relationships.

  • Short sleeve, midweight, crewneck shirt.
  • Two contrast color stripes on sleeves.
  • Unisex fit.
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